Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Magic

Hi everyone!

I started a blog, made it look pretty, updated my profile, published my first post, and shared it on all my social media platforms… Then did nothing. 

In all fairness, it has been Christmas, so let me off! Speaking of which, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas (if you celebrate it), and are all feeling as full of turkey/ chocolate/ other festive-foody-goodness as I am - which is really, really full if you hadn't guessed.

So, you know how a child is always more interested in the cardboard box rather than the toy? That’s me this year – I received loads of great gifts, but the one present I was most impressed with on Christmas day was my magic reindeer glasses. Yes. You read that correctly. They are MAGIC! (There's probably some kind of scientific explanation, but let’s stick with sorcery for now)

Here is a picture of me drunkenly modelling them (apologies for the screenshot, I was drunkenly loving Snapchat... drunk)

And here is a picture of what THEY DO:

I told you they were incredible. Those are normal Christmas fairy lights – when you look through the specs, the lights turn into reindeer! Amazing. That photo was taken with the glasses in front of my iPhone, so imagine how mind-blowing it is to view it with your own eyeballs! I think they were from a garden centre; they were only a little stocking filler. Call us easily amused, but they thoroughly entertained the whole family, all day long!

I’ve forgotten what this post was originally going to be about, because I got so distracted and excited by my magic glasses again, sorry! Let’s end with a Christmas selfie, because you’ve probably not seen enough of those yet.

Zoë xx

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