Monday, 26 January 2015

Gerard Cosmetics' Lipstick Review

Hi everyone!

Today’s review is Gerard Cosmetics’ lipsticks – Buttercup, 1995, and Cherry Cordial

For a while I was very safe when it came to lip products – I had a plumping lip gloss and some natural-looking pink lipsticks, but that was pretty much as far as I’d go!

However, I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and trying bolder colours like plums and purples, reds, pinks etc. and I’ve been loving it! I also love a nude lip, too, as it’s the perfect way to finish a daytime look, or to pair with a night-time smoky eye.

I'd heard a lot about Gerard Cosmetics from other blogs and also on YouTube, so I thought I'd try them out...
The packaging of these lippies is very sleek and simple, a glamorous classy gold tube stamped with the brand name.

1995 and Buttercup are two colours created by one of my fav beauty gurus Jaclyn Hill (she’s amazing, check her out on YouTube here). They are both natural nude shades, and are so creamy and don’t dry out your lips even though they’re matte. 1995 is inspired by 90s grunge, it’s a buttery brown colour - compared to Buttercup which is more of a pinky nude. Here are some swatches on my wonky lips :) The flash is so flattering for the hairs on my face, wow...


Cherry Cordial is one of the darker lippies I own, for when I’m feeling brave! It’s quite a dark red berry colour, which can be worn for a vampy and seductive look - or for a subtler way to wear it, simply apply lightly (dabbing it on) so it’s more sheer just to add a pop of colour.
Cherry Cordial

All three of these colours are extremely pigmented, they don’t have a weird smell (I can’t stand lip products that have funky smells), and are matte but still hydrating. It's a US company, so I ordered mine online for $19 each. Shipping may cost you a bit – so check on Gerard Cosmetics’ website here.  

I want to try their lipglosses next! Have you used these colours before? What did you think? Any other lippie recommendations now I’m feeling brave?

Zoë xx

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