Thursday, 29 January 2015

London and Look Magazine

Hi everyone!

Warning in advance: there are a LOT of pictures in this post :)

In a previous post I mentioned winning an amazing prize, but couldn’t tell you much else about it… Until now! I never win anything, so this was literally unbelievable to me. I actually emailed the prize team back to double check it wasn’t a joke!

I had won a photo-shoot with Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL to feature in Look Magazine – and part of the prize was a two night stay in London, where the shoot was going to be held.

Because our travel expenses were paid for, me and my boyfriend decided to go all out and take the first class train, and we felt like celebs! I’ve never had a full English breakfast on a train before…

We arrived a little early for check-in at our hotel, so we decided to go exploring. For all you experienced Londoners out there, I’m going to sound so Country and sheltered when I say trains are HARD in London! We bought Oyster cards and finally got the hang of racing around everywhere (people in London always seem to be in a rush!) and went to The Natural History Museum (because we’re cultured and interesting, obvs) 

Later that night when we arrived at our hotel, my hand wouldn’t move fast enough to take the amount of photos I wanted to – everything was so Pinterest and looked like it belonged on Instagram! The room was absolutely gorgeous – the bed was comfy, we had fluffy dressing gowns, heated towels, Sky TV, a minibar, and the bathroom was overflowing with amazing Cowshed toiletries. Again, I thought I was famous!

On the day of the photo shoot, a taxi picked us up from the hotel to take us to the studio. I had my hair dyed using Schwarzkopf’s LIVE Color XXL shade Pure Purple, and the stylist washed and trimmed my hair, too. It was styled into glamorous waves for one of the photos, and into a fishtail braid for the other. 

There was a team of about twenty people for the day, and everyone was so friendly and helpful! I was so nervous when I first arrived, I was awkward, actually shaking and speechless (and that’s not like me!). They all made me feel welcome and calm, and after a few pictures were taken on set I got right into the swing of things, throwing out my best model poses, as the hair stylist and makeup artist kept running over to spritz me with hairspray or powder my nose… it was like I was famous! I could get used to that kind of lifestyle!

We were at the studio for about 9 hours in total, so breakfast and lunch were provided for us (I didn’t risk eating a croissant or toast in the morning – I was too scared I’d be sick with nerves!). After the two looks we did for the still images, I also had to take part in a video for Look Magazine’s website. The room it was filmed in was all white from floor to ceiling, and the lights were so bright you were squinting! We had to film so many takes to get the right ones. The hard work and effort that goes into every shoot and every image is incredible.

Image Source: Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL

Image Source: Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL

On our last day in London we visited ZSL London Zoo, and I took so many photos… Soz, not soz!

Penguins are the best.

When the editor emailed the chosen images for the magazine to me, I was so embarrassed and actually hated them! I even replied asking if there were any better pictures, or if she could edit them to make me look better! What a diva, it must have all got to my head a bit. I think I’m just overly critical of myself, and it’s all so strange… a bit like hearing your own voice on a recording. Cringe! 

The magazine is out now, and after seeing it in person I really like the photos and think I look quite good, if I do say so myself! Check it out if you want to see the final results :) 

Also, why not visit LIVE Lookbook where all of this started, to upload your own hairspiration pics! Thank you to everyone at Schwarzkopf and Look Magazine for the incredible experience – I loved every second, even if I was terrified at first!

Has anyone else won an amazing prize before? Tell me all about it!
Let me know in the comments if you dye your hair too – any recommendations on what colour I should go next?

Zoë xx


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