Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Weekend

Hi everyone!

I'm one of those Grinch-y kinds of people who moan about things like Valentine's Day - "It's all commercialised", "You should show your partner how much you love them all the time and not just on one day of the year", etc. etc.


However... I'm a hypocrite :) For the past 6 years my boyfriend and I have actually joined the hype (shock horror) and have got each other cards and presents, and we do go out for a date night on Valentine's. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Tatty Teddy, so my treats from him this year were lovely!

N'aw, cute!

This time, we went out on Valentine's Eve instead (the day before) to avoid the mushy gushy smooching, and the massive queues everywhere. We had dinner at Piccolino's Italian restaurant - I ordered bruschetta con funghi to start (mushroom bruschetta), pollo alla valdostana (chicken wrapped in parmesan and breadcrumbs, served with pesto, roasted peppers and red onions - I also had rosemary and garlic roast potatoes, it was SO GOOD), and tortino al cioccolato (choc fondant with caramel ice cream - mmmmm), all washed down with some wine.

Of course, there was no way I was going to pronounce any of that correctly, so I just pointed to the menu and said it in the most English accent humanly possible - how ignorant. I'm sorry to the Piccolino waiter for my lack of Italian/ effort :(

After our amazing meal, we went to a bar/ restaurant called The Botanist - their food and drinks menu is based around plants and flowers, it's so cute in there! 

There was live music, wooden tables and benches, and the atmosphere in general was just lovely - although I did feel a bit hipster! While we were there I sipped on a strawberry and mint martini, and then enjoyed a watermelon one too - just so I could say "I been drinking watermelon" (shout out to Queen Bey, I love her way too much!)

On the actual day of Valentine's, we were lazy and stayed in bed having a lie in (mainly due to the boyf's hangover headache - he can't handle his ale!), then went out for breakfast - I inhaled my syrup and bacon pancake stack so fast. We finished the day with a chilled walk with my dogs on a field by my house - such a thrilling afternoon for us party animals!
No regrets for the awful pun... dogs... animals... Geddit?? I'm hilarious,

My GSDs Stella & Skyye, and my Uncle's dog Barney

What do you make of occasions like V Day?? Did you do anything nice? Let me know in the comments!

Zoë xx


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      Loved yours, too - the story about your car... You're so lucky it was on a quiet road hahaha! And my fav subject was English in school :) I liked history, too, but was so rubbish at remembering names and dates that I always did badly in it hah xx

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