Friday, 29 April 2016

Birthday Adventure

The last time I went to London it was as part of a prize (read about it here)
Before that it was 6 whole years ago. I've only ever been a handful of times, so we always do the stereotypical touristy things when we do go...
For my birthday this year, the boyf took me for a weekend away, and it was lovely!

Listen up, mini disclaimer: apologies in advance for the amount of times the word birthday appears in this blog post, and my overuse of excited exclamation marks!!

On the day we arrived, we visited the Tower of London, and decided to see what the guided tour was like. I'm glad we did - the Beefeater was so funny and passionate, we learnt a lot without feeling like it was being rammed down our throats. 
Even if you don't like history, the Tower's stories are so interesting - we're talking gory executions, tragic love stories, prisoners, crown jewels, kings and queens... what more could you ask for?! 
I need me my own diamond tiara....

PS. The ravens are absolutely ginormous, and terrifying. The legend is that if they fly away and leave the Tower, "the Crown will fall, and the Kingdom with it" - little bit sinister, but hey. 

Obvious choice of healthy pick-me-up  - chocolate, caramel and caffeine!

On my birthday I woke up in the hotel to cards and presents, and Jim took me for breakfast (full English, obvs).

Scrapbook wall in The Breakfast Club

We got the tube to Oxford Street and I went a bit mad on retail therapy - contactless card payment is the most dangerous and lethal contraption ever invented! I never buy myself things on a whim, I'm normally the 'sensible' one weighing up the pros and cons of dipping into my savings - "but do I really need this", etc., etc. 

However, in London, I transformed into a spending monster and I was flashing my debit card around like a woman posessed! #TreatYoSelf 


I'll be doing a short blog post on a few of the bits I bought, coming soon!

For my birthday meal, I'd jokingly demanded steak and wine a couple of weeks beforehand - but Jim remembered and delivered! We went to Steak & Co - the clue's in the name really. It was bloody amazing!

Your slab of meat comes out sealed and chargrilled on a hot stone, for you to cook to your own taste. I had garlic butter, paprika salt, and peppercorn sauce - it was like I'd died and gone to steak heaven. After our meal, our waiter heard it was my birthday, and brought a group of them out singing to me with some shots of Limoncello and a candle in ice-cream!

Standard bday embarrassment

Part of my present was to watch Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Bearing in mind I'd not ever been to see a musical at the theatre before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect...
OH MY GOD. 10/10, SO GOOD. I can't put into words how much I loved it! This is the beginning of what I'm assuming will be a very long and beautiful relationship, I'm thinking my next will be Les Mis or Lion King.

Finally, on our last day, we had a mooch around The British Museum like the cultured sophisticates we really are.

Elgin Marbles - The Parthenon Frieze.
We finished our weekend with an Afternoon Tea in the Great Court Restaurant before getting the train home. You know that feeling of dread you get the night before you go back to work after a week off? Well when I returned, I was given this little surprise, which made it that little bit easier to be back! Cuties.

Birthday bouquet from the work fambo

Back to the real world... Another year older, another wrinkle on my massive forehead. I absolutely loved LDN and all my treats... 

Leave me a comment if you can relate to any of my birthday adventures!

Zwee xx

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